Generics does not respect "monochrome reverse"

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asked Oct 27, 2020 in Bug by jhu (120 points)


It seems to me that the generics type shown in class does not work with "monochrome reverse":

  skinparam monochrome reverse
  skinparam backgroundcolor transparent
  hide circle
  class Collection<T>
  void addItem(T item)
  boolean hasNext()
  T getNext()
  void resetNext()
  boolean isEmpty()

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answered Oct 27, 2020 by The-Lu (36,200 points)

Hello J.,


[See on PlantUML server]

A possible workaround is to use style for the background:

document {
  backgroundcolor transparent

Then the expected result is observed:

[See on PlantUML server]

If that can help,

commented Oct 28, 2020 by jhu (120 points)
Hi there.

I run with what comes in Fedora 32, plantuml version 1.2019.01 , and even with

skinparam useBetaStyle true

CSS styles do not seem to be working. Documentation of useBetaStyle indirectly refers to version 1.2019.9, so perhaps the feature was introduced then.

Still, thanks.
commented Oct 28, 2020 by The-Lu (36,200 points)

Hello all,

In fact the main issue in on 'backgroundcolor transparent'; because with 'monochrome reverse' the background is not really transparent, but white [the reverse of #00000000 is #ffffffff !wink].

Then a possible workaround, is to put a grey color on background, as:

skinparam backgroundcolor DimGrey

Then a possible expected result is observed, without to have got all in black:

[See on PlantUML server]

Contrary to without any background:

[See on PlantUML server]

If that can help,

commented Oct 29, 2020 by plantuml (262,900 points)
Thanks for the report.

We've made some changes in last beta and on the online server.

Tell us if it's better.