Shadowing management with monochrome reverse

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asked Oct 30 in Wanted features by The-Lu (10,120 points)
edited Oct 30 by The-Lu

Hello PlantUML,

Thanks for the fix about transparency and 'backgroundcolor transparent' with 'monochrome reverse'.

But, during test, we observe now some issues with shadowing...

with transparent[See on PlantUML server]
  • transparent: OK
  • shadowing: OK
  • transparent: OK
  • shadowing: OK for alone component, but KO for elements in nested component (cf.: f, c, b elements).
without transparent[See...]
  • shadowing: ~ KO for some components, like stack, where that is not very visible...
  • shadowing: KO for all components (it seems to be dark instead of light!)

Thanks for your support, wink

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