Component Diagram - keywords "node", "database", etc. don't work on Confluence plugin

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asked Dec 21, 2012 in Closed question / help by anonymous

I am trying out plantUML Confluence plugin. I tried to build a component diagram using the following syntax:

database "MySql" {
[comp 1]
[comp 2]

the diagram returned error.

When changing "database" into "package" the diagram was parsed fine.

Any idea?

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answered Dec 21, 2012 by plantuml (279,680 points)

You are probably using an outdated version of PlantUML.

You can check your version with:


Could you check this and upgrade to the last version ?

commented Dec 21, 2012 by anonymous
Here is what I got:
This is the PlantUML plugin for Atlassian Confluence. Version: 4.3.3 by avono AG

PlantUML version 7939 (Wed Oct 24 12:15:19 CDT 2012)
The environment variable GRAPHVIZ_DOT has not been set
Dot executable is /usr/bin/dot
Dot version: dot - graphviz version 2.28.0 (20110507.0352)
Installation seems OK. PNG generation OK

Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM
Processors: 1
commented Dec 21, 2012 by plantuml (279,680 points)
Ok, so you should upgrade to V7947 to have this feature.
commented Dec 21, 2012 by anonymous
Ok, thank you!