Why does plantuml generate (slightly) different coördinates on different systems?

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asked Nov 5 in Question / help by Jesse Hoobergs

I'm using plantuml (in cli version) in one of my systems and I have added a snapshot test to check if the plantuml generation works. The problem that I'm facing is that the generated output (svg and latex) is slightly different on the CI server. They are almost equal, but different in the less significant digits.

What is the reason that these are different? The version on my local pc and on the CI server are equal.

This is the diagram that I was generating


Entity01 }|..|| Entity02

Entity03 }o..o| Entity04

Entity05 ||--o{ Entity06

Entity07 |o--|| Entity08


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answered Nov 5 by plantuml (235,420 points)

This might also be caused by different versions of GraphViz.

You can check :


on both configurations.