user defined style targets in activity diagram (beta)

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asked Nov 5, 2020 in Wanted features by kasra
edited Nov 6, 2020


when i use skinparam, i am able to target specific activity to apply style.

But i would like to use the new css way of doing it.

Am i doing something bad ?

here is the exemple :

title %version()
/' this is working
skinparam ArrowColor  green
skinparam ActivityBackgroundColor<<x>> #00ff00  
skinparam ActivityBackgroundColor<<y>> #00ffff   
skinparam useBetaStyle true
 arrow {
     LineColor green
 .x {
     BackgroundColor #00ff00  
 .y {
     BackgroundColor #00ffff  
<< x >>:hello;
<< y >>:world;

my version of plantuml is  1.2020.20beta11

thanks for you help

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answered Nov 6, 2020 by plantuml (295,000 points)
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Thanks for the report. This is a bug...

It has been solved in last beta and on the online server.

Note that you don't have to put skinparam useBetaStyle true now as long as you are defining some <style>

commented Nov 6, 2020 by anonymous
perfect, it works.

thanks !