Using conditionals with swimlanes? Connecting to conditional objects?

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asked Nov 5, 2020 in Question / help by boldandbusted (280 points)
Howdy. I don't yet have an example that I can share, but I'm trying to make swimlanes play well with conditionals. However, I'm having trouble with the 'endif' object (the 'diamond') jumping back into the first swimlane where the 'if' begins before the path travels to the next swimlane. How can I make either a) the 'endif' object not be used, and the path of the decision just travel to the same destination after the 'if' *and*' the 'else' stanzas or b) put the 'endif' object in a different swimlane from the 'if' and 'else' objects? I tried to just not use 'endif' at all, and I get connectors that actually end at the diagram edge...

Also, how do I 'reference' objects I've made that have '#' colors applied? I can't seem to direct connectors to objects named like "#green:if (Decision Here?) then" properly. How should I direct other paths to connect with, in this example, "Decision Here?".

I hope that makes sense. I hope to put up a code example demonstrating my problem, too.  Thanks in advance! :D

commented Nov 17, 2020 by Greg

I am experiencing the same issue.  My "if" node is in Lane A, but within the "then" and "else" sections I switch to "Lane B".  But the "endif" diamond moves back to "Lane A" instead of staying in "Lane B".

|Oracle SOA|
|#AntiqueWhite|Oracle EBS|
:Request is made;
:Provide records;
|Oracle SOA|
:Pull information via API;
:Pull records/generate notifications;
:Review PR Details;
:PR Details Form;
if (Approve?) then (No)
  :Add comment;
  :Call Reject API;
else (Yes)
  :Call Approval API;
|Oracle SOA|
:Write back to Oracle via API;  
|Oracle EBS|
:Update Records;

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