Disable wrap width on certain nodes

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asked Nov 15 in Wanted features by polc1410 (160 points)

I have a UML which ahs a very long "title" node.  I'd like all the nodes below it to be self wrapping, but disable the wrap on the title


Currently with wrap enabled I get this:

I can manually wrap to get what I want, but thats hard work! It looks like this:

1 Answer

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answered Nov 16 by Martin

This seems to be possible using Styles:


    ActivityDiagram {
      MaximumWidth 200
    .nowrap {
      MaximumWidth 0

However I have used a slight fudge because I realised at the end that you wanted the notes to word-wrap, and I couldn't find the syntax for Style to do this (it might well be able to), so I cheated and put the "skinparam wrapWidth 200" back in purely to cover the notes...