Some questions about how plantUML works

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asked Nov 17, 2020 in Question / help by umlBoy98 (120 points)
I am working on a paper about PlantUML and I'm stuck on a few specific questions about how it is implemented (specifically concering OSGI). Was wondering whether anyone could help me with these (or point me in a good direction). Thank you!

- Describe the kinds of dependencies supported by OSGI and how these are used in the PlantUML bundles (in text and/or diagram)

- Describe how the Eclipse extension mechanism is used both to extend Eclipse and to extend PlantUML itself

- Describe how OSGi Declarative Services (DS) instead could have been used to extend PlantUML

- Suggest an alternative way of implementing an extension mechanism for Eclipse, that uses Ecore and XMI in place of EXSD (simplified XML schema) and XML (plugin.xml)

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