[Ad] Information: article about PlantUML on the last Linux Magazine of June 2020.

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Hello all,

Just FYI, there is an article about PlantUML on the last Linux Magazine of June:

Drawing diagrams with PlantUML
Picture This

Article from Issue 235/2020

Author(s): Marco Fioretti

With PlantUML, you can quickly create all kinds of diagrams using human-readable text and reuse them anywhere.

Sooner or later, almost everybody needs to draw a diagram, whether to manage large amounts of information or organize group activities. For software developers and administrators (as well as business managers), diagrams based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) make it easy to visualize complex systems, from software platforms to quality control departments, to see how they function.



ā†’ Linux Magazine nĀ°235/2020, June 2020
ā†’ https://www.linux-magazine.com/Issues/2020/235/PlantUML-Diagrams

I haven't read the article, it's up to you.

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