Support Yaml Anchors

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asked Jan 17, 2021 in Wanted features by ndv (140 points)

Glad to see JSON&YAML support.

Please consider adding support for YAML anchors.

(Use case: I was hoping to use plantuml to show in-memory data structures layouts, with two objects pointing at one)

Also it would be nice to fix "Your data does not look like JSON data" when rendering YAML. 

commented Aug 9, 2022 by StefanDensow (280 points)
Agree, this would be really useful for me as well.

Maybe anchor definitions / insertions could even have an option to highlight them visually.
commented Aug 12, 2022 by melman (100 points)
Definitely for me too, I am working on something at the moment that the yaml support in plantuml is almost exactly what I need apart from the anchors.

1 Answer

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answered May 13, 2023 by msdobrescu
I need this too.