Version 8059 shows as the newest on Maven Central repository

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asked Jan 31, 2021 in Bug by Jezor (120 points)

Take a look at the current latest version page:

You will notice the following message:

A screenshot of page saying "Note: There is a new version for this artifact. New Version | 8059"

According to this page the versioning scheme changed in 2017, so this version is very out of date.

It is even more confusing because of the amazing backwards compatibility. All of the features I was using worked perfectly fine, except they had tiny quirks e.g. stereotype could not be separated with a space from the component name.

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answered Feb 1, 2021 by plantuml (265,060 points)
This is very unfortunate, but there is nothing we can do here (well, I think).

We've posted some message ( )

Let's see if it changes something :-)
commented Feb 2, 2021 by karfau
My guess: they are sorted by biggest major/minor/... version. Since v1.20xx is "lower" then v809x it's more a problem that newer versions have have "smaller" version than older ones.
Maybe there is a way to deprecate those "older versions" to unlist them? Might break some things.

This is how I deal with it:

(only allowing versions starting with `1.`)