MIT or Apache - can we host the code to get this to Maven?

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asked Oct 14, 2019 in Question / help by costateixeira (280 points)

In our project, I'm trying to use PlantUML. I see the impact and we tried another approach but now I think we really need this in Maven.

For this, I believe we need to host the MIT / Apache version on github. I guess the challenge is to maintain both versions, but since you are doing it already, couldn't you just do it on github already? I don't know what is the best way - perhaps create a fork for the MIT-licensed code?

I was told that once we have the apache / mit licensed code in a github repo, then we just have to create a ticket on which should promote this to Maven.

Is this something you can do - maintain the code in github? I do not know if there are any other implications. I think we can also create the repo, but it's your code :)

Thank you for making PlantUML so awesome that we really want it :)

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answered Oct 14, 2019 by plantuml (232,720 points)
Many people have made the same request.

So here we are : on you'll find a MIT version of PlantUML library

Now, I am not sure about how to promote this to Maven.

Any help is welcome ! :-)
commented May 2 by alexott (100 points)
What about just publishing a separate artifact, like plantuml-asl, or plantuml-mit?

I see that we have asl and mit versions available on downloads server - why we can't simply push them to Maven Central?
commented May 2 by plantuml (232,720 points)
Our main issue here is that we have very little knowledge about Maven. That's really why we don't push mit or asl version to Maven Central : we just don't know about to do that :-)

Some users has set up for us but we really don't know how it works.

I guess it's not very difficult to put in place. If you want to help us, you can email us ( and we will work together.