Logic symbols inside Plant UML

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asked Feb 10, 2021 in Question / help by Julian
Hello everyone,

is it possible to integrate Logic symbols for the creation of failure tree analyisis?

I'd like to use logic symbols out of IEC 60617-12 or IEEE Std 91.

Thank you very much in advance

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answered Feb 10, 2021 by Martin (8,360 points)

You've put a tag of "wbs" on your question so I assume that is the diagram type you are interested in.

Did you know you can define custom sprites?

If you download the Plantuml.jar and double-click it then you get a basic GUI.  And (today I learnt!) in that GUI there is a File->"Open Sprite Window" that will automatically convert any image in the clipboard and output a range of definitions for using that image as a sprite (at various resolutions and colour scales).  Note that for large images it can take several minutes to process (during which the window seems hung) and some of mine ended up as bad sprite definitions - best to keep the image small.

So I created:

(click for online server)

How close is this to what you wanted?

commented Jul 23, 2021 by anonymous
I too am interested in the inclusion of logic gate symbols into PlantUML.  I think it would be very useful for extending the functionality and can then be the basis for creating Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Issue Trees.

I found the following detailed analysis of logic symbols.


Since PlantUML supports tikz maybe the syntax could be similar.


I am always impressed with PlantUML and I hope to find additional uses for it.