ER symbols allowed by PlantUML

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Hi all,

I looked at the ER diagrams that PlantUML can generate, but this kind of symbols are not familiar to me when I'm referring to ER diagrams.

Is it possible to have the classical symbols like the following image?

ER Diagram Symbols

Thanks in advance

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answered Feb 24 by chris (1,740 points)
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Not quite matching, but you can use sprites to embed any image you want, so if this doesn't fit the bill I would look into the sprites functionality.

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I think I could muddle through with this approach, but could you detail a bit more how to implement it, please?

Thanks in advance,
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Click on the image, change the URL to /uml/ instead of /png/ and it will show you the source code using the online server :)
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Good, many thanks!

Is it possible to underline the string inside the storage component to identify the attribute as a primary key?
commented Feb 24 by chris (1,740 points)
Please accept this answer and open a new question for that :) Makes it easier for others to find when they have the same questions
commented Feb 24 by The-Lu (36,620 points)

Just to answer rapidly,

For string formatting you can see the Creole page:

With that we can see your expected result: