How the skinparam topurl works? [URL, links]

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Hello PlantUML team,

  • How the skinparam "topurl" works?

Here is a minimal example:

SkinParam topurl

url of A is [[/13179]]
url of B is [[{This is B}]]

→ [See links on PlantUML online server]

What did I misunderstand.
Thanks for yours support,


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Using -language I can't find this keyword, where did you find topurl as a reference?
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Hello C.,

Here are all references or source:


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answered 1 day ago by chris (1,080 points)

You need to be a bit more explicit, it looks like, specify the participants for sequence diagram. Works for class diagram too

commented 1 day ago by Martin (2,820 points)
Well done.  However it wasn't the specifying of the participants that did it, it was the adding of the "{}" into the url.
commented 1 day ago by chris (1,080 points)
Ah yes, cheers, I forgot to mention that as I converted from class back to sequence (took a bit of fiddling to get it working) - still counts as being more explicit though, eh ;)
commented 6 hours ago by The-Lu (16,980 points)

Thanks @chris, @Martin: for the tip of empty tooltip ('{}').
But it seems to be a bug!
Why topurl works only with empty tooltip? Is it normal?

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Yes, I would say it's a bug.  A trailing space works too: [[/13179 ]], or quotes: [["/13179"]]

I'm not very familiar with Java, but my best guess at the bug is:

Line#107 in

return new Url(full, null, null);

should be

return new Url(withTopUrl(full), null, null);