collections inside node fails for plantuml-8059.jar

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asked Feb 24, 2021 in Bug by alfanse (120 points)

using plantuml jar version: with 


frame "EKS" {
  component "Schema Poller" as sp
  collections "Service Gateways" as pg
  component "Platform \nFoundation \nGateway" as pfg


passes online, fails with local file generation command: 

java -jar libs/plantuml.jar -o png -tpng *.pu

error: line 5, Syntax Error?

It doesn't like having `collections` nested inside `frame`?
I've also tried collections outside the frame with the same syntax error result.

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answered Feb 24, 2021 by The-Lu (37,840 points)
selected Feb 24, 2021 by alfanse
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Hello A.,

The V8059 is a very old version.

  • Could you update with a later or most recent version?

Like :

For PlantUML version spec. see:

If that can help,

commented Feb 24, 2021 by alfanse (120 points)

that is a huge relief, thanks.

FYI maven central thinks 8059 is the latest version.

Group IDArtifact IDLatest VersionUpdatedOSS IndexDownload



‎ 8059


visible in here as well: