Sequence Diagram and activation of bars

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asked Feb 26, 2021 in Wanted features by anonymous

is there a way to turn on/off a specific activation bar on a sequence diagram if multiple are present?
What i intend to do is to use the activation bars as a sort of responsibility over certain entities.

activate wcs #LightSkyBlue
wcs->wcs: step 1
activate wcs #gold
wcs->wcs: step 2
wcs -> src ++ #LightSkyBlue: step3
wcs -[hidden]->:
deactivate wcs
wcs -[hidden]->:
deactivate wcs
wcs -[hidden]->:
activate wcs #gold
src->wcs: done
deactivate src
activate wcs #LightSkyBlue

I currently found this fiddly looking workaround that is creating empty entries which i then use to reset all bars and start from scratch with the activations. A re-coloring option would also solve my issue here i guess. I found neither on my searches.

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