Update Ditaa code in PlantUML repository

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asked Mar 19 in Question / help by Guillaume

I found a tiny fix in Ditaa (https://github.com/stathissideris/ditaa/pull/67) that can greatly improve performance and I was wondering what is the process to integrate this change in PlantUML codebase ? (once this change is merged upstream of course)

For reference, and as far as I know, ditaa code is included in https://github.com/plantuml/plantuml/tree/master/src/org/stathissideris/ascii2image



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answered Mar 19 by plantuml (251,240 points)
Thanks for the info.

Sure, you can create a push request here https://github.com/plantuml/plantuml/pulls with the appropriate code changes (you will have to copy/paste code from https://github.com/stathissideris/ditaa/pull/67 )

Sounds good ?