How to install pyplanuml with pylint 2.7.2?

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asked Mar 25 in Question / help by Nathan
When instll pyplanuml, it always bonded with pylint-1.4.0 (pylint 2.7.2 is removed firstly)

How to use pyplanuml with pylint 2.7.2 ?



Installing collected packages: mypy-extensions, logilab-common, astroid, pylint, pyplantuml

  Attempting uninstall: astroid

    Found existing installation: astroid 2.5

    Uninstalling astroid-2.5:

      Successfully uninstalled astroid-2.5

  Attempting uninstall: pylint

    Found existing installation: pylint 2.7.2

    Uninstalling pylint-2.7.2:

      Successfully uninstalled pylint-2.7.2

Successfully installed astroid-1.3.2 logilab-common-1.8.1 mypy-extensions-0.4.3 pylint-1.4.0 pyplantuml-0.1.51

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answered Mar 25 by The-Lu (36,620 points)

Hello N.,

If it is specific to python plugin, perhaps you can ask directly the author or the maintainer:

And then share the answers here,