How can I define note with stereotype?

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asked Apr 12, 2021 in Question / help by kirchsth (2,920 points)

Hi PlanttUML team,

how can I assigne a stereotype to a note with alias (and without position)?

1) combination of note/position/stereotype is working
2) note/alias is working
3) note/alias/stereotype produces invalid syntax

skinparam shadowing<<legendnote>> false
skinparam note<<legendnote>> {
    backgroundcolor green
    bordercolor green

[Component 1] as C1

note bottom of C1 <<legendnote>>
end note

note as N1
stereotype not working
end note

N1 -L-> C1

/' How can I assign alias and stereotype
note as N2 <<legendnote>>
stereotype working
end note

note <<legendnote>> as N2
stereotype working
end note

N2 -R-> C1

BR Helmut

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