autogenerated text for plantuml script is to long

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asked Apr 14 in Question / help by silvio

I have a script which is used for a timing analysis of generating OS images. I wanted to extend it and add a graphical analysis, but it seems that I reach a limit for PlantUML scripts. The error behavior is an empty window, the URI ends on "/form".

Can anyone help me with this?

My generated script is longer than 8000 characters. You can find it here:

commented Apr 15 by Martin (4,600 points)
I ran it on my locally installed plantuml.jar, and it worked fine.  I had to select SVG format, as PNG truncated.  Is this an option for you?
commented Apr 17 by Martin (4,600 points)
PS I tried reducing the data down to the bare minimum (name, start, end) with the intention of writing a macro to add in the repetitive text elements.  However the raw data itself exceeded 8000 characters, so that wasn't an option.

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