Is there a getting started guide for contributing to the plantuml source code?

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asked Nov 8, 2018 in Question / help by IdristheDragon (120 points)
Is there a brief "getting started" guide anywhere for people who would like to do more than suggest features and actually contribute to the plantuml project?

I would like to dig into the source code and help improve/add features, but there's no clear way of doing so. I found the code on github and sourceforge but the github seems to just be releases of the code and not the actual development and I have never used svn/sourceforge, I will probably look into it myself, but a specific guide for the project in an obvious place would be nice. It would be nice if the guide also gave a quick overview of the codebase e.g: com.example.gantt contains the code for gantt diagrams, as there are multiple domains used in the folder structure, which makes it hard to get an overview of where in the project you need to look to get started with the code.
commented Feb 18, 2019 by roxspring (260 points)
It appears that the code in SourceForge is just the releases too. Where does the development happen? Where is the canonical location to submit patches to?

For an open source project the development process is surprisingly obscure :(
commented Mar 28, 2019 by IdristheDragon (120 points) seems to have source code and updated with release commits.
commented Mar 28, 2019 by roxspring (260 points)
Only the source code for the releases - seems pretty clear that the actual development goes on elsewhere.

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answered Sep 30, 2020 by palash
I'm also searching for contribution guide,