[Style] Allow BackgroundColor for all closed days on Gantt diagram

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asked Apr 22, 2021 in Wanted features by The-Lu (65,240 points)

Hello PlantUML team,

From:  https://forum.plantuml.net/13654/how-to-change-the-default-color-for-closed-days-in-gantt-chart

So I was wondering if I can change the "closed" colour and thus have it used for all the days labeled "closed" and use the colour override in case I want to highlight separate dates for whatever reason.

  • Could you allow [style] BackgroundColor for all closed days on Gantt diagram?

Here is a possible proposal with closed or close keyword on style:

closed {
  BackGroundColor pink


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answered Apr 28, 2021 by The-Lu (65,240 points)
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Hello all,

This is corrected on V1.2021.5 (25 Apr, 2021).

Thanks PlantUML for your works,