[Timing][Style] Allow all Style for timeline, on timing diagram

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asked May 8 in Wanted features by The-Lu (49,840 points)

Hello PlantUML team,

  • Could you allow all Style for timeline, on timing diagram?

Here is an example:

timingDiagram {
  timeline {
    FontColor red
    FontSize 10
    FontStyle italic
    LineColor red
    LineThickness 2
    LineStyle 4;4
    BackgroundColor pink

clock   "Clock_0"   as C0 with period 50
binary  "Binary"  as B
concise "Concise" as C
robust  "Robust"  as R
C is Idle
R is Idle
B is high
C is Waiting
R is Processing
R is Waiting

  • The vertical time lines are red (OK), but not (KO) the horizontal time-axis...
    Why time-axis is not red?


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answered May 27 by plantuml (279,720 points)
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This should be fixed with last online version.
commented May 27 by The-Lu (49,840 points)

Thanks a lot.

Then, about the timing diagram, there will remain the point to colour the background horizontally:

But I have no idea for syntax (because `BackgroundColor` is already use for concise!)