Deployment diagram - Add note to nested element

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asked Jun 6 in Question / help by KB


Having the following (minimal) deployment diagram:

artifact artifact {
card card {
cloud cloud {

Here, I'd like to create a note for card and cloud, but I can't figure out the syntax and could not find it in deployment diagram docs. Is it supported? Any hints on how to do that?

commented Jun 7 by Martin (5,640 points)

Looks like you can't put a note on a container, only a shape.  You can make your cloud a shape (cloud cloud) rather than a container (cloud cloud {}) easily enough, but not 'card'.

This is the best workaround I could come up with, but it is a massive fudge and not necessarily portable to any diagram:

commented Jun 7 by KB
Thanks for the quick response. Was already afraid it's not officially supported. How did you manage the workaround shown above?
commented Jun 9 by Martin (5,640 points)
If you click on the diagram, you'll see the source for it.  Putting a note on the cloud is as simple as defining the cloud as a shape rather than an empty container.  But to make the 'card' a shape, rather than a container, requires turning the cloud into a sub-diagram inside the card (using "{{ }}").   However the card shape loses its ability to have a title bar when I do that(!)  So my solution was to embed a label (an invisible shape) inside the card and put the note against that instead -which is why the note juts into the card a little.  Not ideal.
commented Jun 11 by KB
great, thanks (didn't know a click leads me to the source...). I've helped myself with your workaround + rectangle components rendered and labeled like a note inside the components.
Still, to have the option to note containers in deployment diagram could be a valuable feature there.

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