Deployment diagram - Add note to nested element

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asked Jun 6, 2021 in Question / help by KB


Having the following (minimal) deployment diagram:

artifact artifact {
card card {
cloud cloud {

Here, I'd like to create a note for card and cloud, but I can't figure out the syntax and could not find it in deployment diagram docs. Is it supported? Any hints on how to do that?

commented Jun 7, 2021 by Martin (8,360 points)

Looks like you can't put a note on a container, only a shape.  You can make your cloud a shape (cloud cloud) rather than a container (cloud cloud {}) easily enough, but not 'card'.

This is the best workaround I could come up with, but it is a massive fudge and not necessarily portable to any diagram:

commented Jun 7, 2021 by KB
Thanks for the quick response. Was already afraid it's not officially supported. How did you manage the workaround shown above?
commented Jun 9, 2021 by Martin (8,360 points)
If you click on the diagram, you'll see the source for it.  Putting a note on the cloud is as simple as defining the cloud as a shape rather than an empty container.  But to make the 'card' a shape, rather than a container, requires turning the cloud into a sub-diagram inside the card (using "{{ }}").   However the card shape loses its ability to have a title bar when I do that(!)  So my solution was to embed a label (an invisible shape) inside the card and put the note against that instead -which is why the note juts into the card a little.  Not ideal.
commented Jun 11, 2021 by KB
great, thanks (didn't know a click leads me to the source...). I've helped myself with your workaround + rectangle components rendered and labeled like a note inside the components.
Still, to have the option to note containers in deployment diagram could be a valuable feature there.

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