[Style] Manage 'line style' (bold, dashed or dotted) and 'text color' for real nested element (Deployment)

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asked Jul 7, 2021 in Bug by The-Lu (44,040 points)

Hello PlantUML,

Same test as:

with style:

.dashed {
    LineStyle 5
    FontColor Green

rectangle r
rectangle r_dashed <<dashed>>
rectangle r_nested_dashed <<dashed>> {

rectangle r_nested_dashed1 <<dashed>> #pink {
  rectangle r1
  rectangle r_dashed1 <<dashed>>

On no empty nested (~group) the rectangle is not dashed! (see pink rectangle)


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answered Mar 8 by The-Lu (44,040 points)
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Hello all,

With the new version V1.2022.2 (5 Mars, 2022), this is fixed.

Thanks for yours works,