How to set arrow directions with new Activity syntax

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asked Nov 28, 2013 in Wanted features by mick (120 points)
On large diagram using new activity syntax, you may have a long scheme using only the eight of the document.
In order to facilitate the reading on one page, it will be interesting to orientate some arrows.
Does new Activity syntax implement the arrow directions ?

One suggestion should be to add the direction in the '->' instrauction such as :
-l> This is an arrow to the left;
-r> This is an arrow to the rigth;
-u> This is an arrow to the up;
-d> This is an arrow to the down;
 Last sentence equivalent to -> This is an arrow to the down

commented Apr 27, 2015 by aidkli (100 points)
Is there any way how can I modify layout without arrow directions?

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