Sequence Diagram bug with lifeline when skin BlueModern is used

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asked Jan 5, 2013 in Closed question / help by anonymous
commented Jan 5, 2013 by anonymous
Try the following sequence diagram, you will see the lifeline is set for the first activate/deactivate pair, but not the second set.  If you remove "skin BlueModern" and run it again, you will see lifeline shows up for both activate/deactivate pairs.

skin BlueModern
[-> A: DoWork
activate A
A -> A: Internal call
deactivate A

A ->] : << createRequest >>
activate A

A<--] : RequestCreated
[<- A: Done
deactivate A

1 Answer

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answered Jan 6, 2013 by plantuml (230,800 points)
Thanks for the report : we will investigate this.

commented Jan 12, 2013 by plantuml (230,800 points)
This has been fixed in version V7949.