Cannot easily customize note on class members

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asked Sep 12, 2021 in Closed feature request by dragondive (460 points)

It appears customization of notes on class members is currently limited. In particular, you cannot specify the background colour for the note using the "standard" syntax:

note left of class_name::member/' cannot specify color anywhere on this line '/
    this is a note
end note

You can instead customize a floating note and then attach it to the class attribute. It works but often changes the layout in unusual ways. Using the [hidden] connector between the classes is not always successful.

I (mis?)understand from the history that this feature is still a work in progress. Can we have a cleaner and more consistent syntax for this?

Please see the example here:

class X
class Y
class Z
class A
class B
class C

class Foo {

X <|-- Foo
X <|-- Y
X <|-- Z
X <|-- A
X <|-- B
X <|-- C

note as N1 #SkyBlue
    this is a note
end note

N1 .. Foo::bar

commented Sep 12, 2021 by The-Lu (56,020 points)

Hello D.,

See pseudo-similar request here:

And a complement for class member, for PlantUML test teamwith minimal style example:

note {
  BackGroundColor palegreen

class class_name {

note left of class_name
  note on class Ok
end note

note right of class_name::member 
  <color:#red>note on member KO
  (always yellow!)
end note



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