How should I insert a local image into the mindmap?

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asked Oct 15, 2021 in Question / help by SuperSaiyanGod (340 points)

I've tried a lot of ways, but none of them worked. Some of them are listed below:

+++ <img:D://Test.jpg>
+++ <img:D:/Test.jpg>
+++ <img:"D://Test.jpg">
+++ <img:"D:/Test.jpg">
+++ <img:D:\\Test.jpg>
+++ <img:"D:\\Test.jpg">

The path is of course correct. Also, if the path is an url, then it is OK.

I'm currently using the PlantUML plugin in IntelliJ IDEA, and the failure from loading this local image results in a node named "(Cannot decode)".

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answered Oct 16, 2021 by The-Lu (67,080 points)

Hello S.,

Both on the server and locally, we observe the expected result:

  • On the server (we use URL)
  • And locally (on Windows OS)

Tests with '\' or with '/':

+ Root
++ img <img:C:\image.jpg>


+ Root
++ img <img:C:/image.jpg>

Are OK.

But if we use file protocol:

+ Root
++ img <img:file:///C:/image.jpg>

then we observe "(Cannot decode)".

Perhaps could you ask directly (for the first test) to the PlantUML plugin in IntelliJ IDEA maintainer here:

And for the second:

@PlantUML team: 

  • Is file protocol is manage to include image on PlantUML diagram?

If that can help,


commented Oct 17, 2021 by SuperSaiyanGod (340 points)

Thank you so much! I've never tried anything like the file protocol, because this is the first time I hear it, haha~ Just a moment ago I tried something like this, but it didn't work, either:

+ Root
++ img <img:file:///C|/image.jpg>
commented Oct 18, 2021 by SuperSaiyanGod (340 points)
Just now I tried that in Visual Studio Code with the PlantUML plugin there, and the formats I mentioned worked quite well. So I suppose it's the problem of the plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. Sadly my network could not stably contact the support team, T_T.