Render Rectangle Bug

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asked Oct 28, 2021 in Bug by Armin


@startuml C4_Elements
!include <c4/C4_Context.puml>

!include <C4/C4_Container>

I am using C4 Jira Plugin in plantuml  1.2021.12 ( in 1.2021.9 doesnt work either).

If I add the following

System_Boundary(backendMicroservicesAlias"Internal Services") {
    System(mobileBff"Mobile BfF")
    System(backendServices1"Backend Service1")

it ends in

"rectangle "== "Internal Services"\n<size:12>[System]</size>"<<boundary>> as backendMircoservicesAlias {

rectangle "== "Mobile BfF"" <<system>> as mobileBff

Syntax Error?


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answered Oct 28, 2021 by kirchsth (2,270 points)


can you add the full sample? I tried following and it is working on the server

!include <c4/C4_Context.puml>

!include <C4/C4_Container>

System_Boundary(backendMicroservicesAlias, "Internal Services") {
    System(mobileBff, "Mobile BfF")
    System(backendServices1, "Backend Service1")


commented Oct 28, 2021 by Armin
Hi, We can close the issue, it works fine.

Fore the archives: When u copy code from an environment like Visual Studio Code which is showing things colored and then showing it in the Jira PlantUML render Addon, it is NOT coloragnostic.

Means that the PlantUML Plugin in confluence is colorsensitive. Mabe that is an idea to have the plugin ignore the colors, guess it is sending to the processor something like

<blue>System(keycloakAlias, "Keycloak")</blue>

instead of the expected

System(keycloakAlias, "Keycloak")
commented Oct 28, 2021 by kirchsth (2,270 points)