Recommended plantuml filename extension?

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I apologize for my stupid newbie question about community conventions.

Is there a standard convention for naming `plantuml` source files?

For example, most javascript files use `.js`. Most python files end in `.py`. Compiled Python files use `.pyc`.

My tiny team will be creating many diagrams, and we'd like something less generic than `.txt'. We work in a Linux environment and we'd like to stay consistent with Linux practices.

If I want to create a `plantuml` file that draws the "Component" pattern from the famous "Design Patterns" text, what should I name it?

Some candidates that we've contemplated are:

  • `composite.txt'
  • `composite.uml'
  • `composite.puml'
  • `composite.plant`

Again, I apologize for asking such a basic question. We'd hate to discover that we've made the wrong choice after generating several dozen files -- and embedded their extension in all our tools and docs.

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No problem, that's a good question.

Nowadays, .puml is the most used, so I suggest composite.puml

commented Nov 10 by SomervilleTom (140 points)
I appreciate the immediate and helpful response, that's exactly what I wanted to know.

My next step is to somehow configure visual studio code (VSC) to handle these things. That's a topic for its own thread -- and probably better suited for the VSC forum.

Thanks again!