Get interpreted value, e. g. title with builtin functions?

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asked Nov 17, 2021 in Question / help by ThirtySomething

I'm running the vscode-plantuml extension in VSCode and I love PlantUML. I'm using in the title, header and/or footer definitions builtin functions, e. g.

title %getenv("USERNAME"), %date("dd.MM.yyyy' 'HH:mm")

Generating the diagram wil result in a diagram name based on the title information. If title is not set, then the plantuml filename is taken. The VSCode extension cannot get the processed result of the title information - is there a way to expose this information?

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This is a limitation of the extension, not of plantuml.

It is therefore a question that must be asked in the issue page of the `vscode-plantuml` project:


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answered Nov 19, 2021 by ThirtySomething

that's what I thought, too. Then I've created a simple parser to resolve this issue. The creator of the plugin refuses the pull request. He pointed out that it seems to be a limitation of plantuml.jar - he cannot get a full parsed title from outside with resolved builtin functions. Because of this my change for the plugin is somehow redundant to code of plantuml.jar - and so far not necessary. I'm not familiar with java and the plantuml api. I cannot check and nor implement this api if necessary. That's why I'm asking here.