Ask Me Anything: I'm the new maintainer for PlantUML on Fedora, who are you?

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asked Nov 19 in Question / help by blaise (120 points)
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I'm a new Fedora packager and I love PlantUML. There was no maintainer for the Fedora package, so I have volunteered to be the point of contact. I have a fork of the packaging repo, where I hope to update the dependencies and docs to the latest goodness:
Currently there seem to be two items which are breaking the build:

(Ne vous empechez pas de vous exprimer en Francais, je peut me debrouiller....)

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answered 6 days ago by plantuml (262,940 points)

You'll see that people are not very talkative :-)

I'm not familiar with Fedora, but if I understand correctly it means that PlantUML does need a complete JVM to run (and not a "java-headless" one, which seems to be a Fedora notion).

So probably you have to change some dependency list somewhere (but I have to idea where :-) ).

About OpenJDK, PlantUML should run on any JDK. So you might pickup another one. Once again, this is not on raw PlantUML side, but probably on the Fedora package itself.

Hope this helps! Tell us about your progress!