Message of Sequence Starting with '=' bugged

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asked Dec 1, 2021 in Bug by howecn (140 points)
A simple example like below:

Bob -> Alice : hello\n=123

The "123" will be bold and bigger.

PS: I made a script to generate .puml and did some wrap with long messages by adding '\n' before space ' '. Sometimes, it happen.

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answered Dec 1, 2021 by Serge Wenger Work (14,600 points)
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You can use Unicode char

commented Dec 2, 2021 by howecn (140 points)
Thank you. This solution saved me.
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answered Dec 1, 2021 by The-Lu (46,400 points)

Hello H.,

In fact, this is a creole (markup) functionally.

See doc. here:

If that can help,

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answered Dec 7, 2021 by Martin (8,280 points)

An alternative answer.  You just need to make sure the "=" is not the first character on the line, so adding a space in front would be enough to prevent the Heading format being invoked.  But that obviously shifts the text by a character.  So another option is to prefix with some formatting tag, <plain> works well as it adds no extra formatting.  Unfortunately tags only apply to the current line and are ended by a carriage return (\n), so you can't just blindly wrap up all your text, you have to target a particular line:

Bob -> Alice : hello\n<plain>=123</plain>