SequenceGroupFontStyle without effect

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asked Dec 8, 2021 in Bug by jalbers (140 points)


SequenceGroupFontStyle sems to be without effect at the first group text.

skinparam SequenceGroupFontColor red
skinparam SequenceGroupFontStyle normal
A -> B
alt GroupText - still bold = a Bug?
C <- B
B <- C
else \t\t\tGroupText - normal = okay
A <- B

And is it possible to indent the group texts? For example by setting the leading spaces and tabs before the opening bracket.

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answered Dec 8, 2021 by Martin (8,320 points)
edited Dec 8, 2021 by Martin

Remember that Plantuml is moving away from skinparams and over to <STYLE>.  It looks like the bold bug doesn't affect the Style version...  Could you use that instead?

sequenceDiagram  {
  group {
    FontColor red
    FontStyle normal

Here's a work-around idea for indenting the text - set the group text font colour to white (to hide the hardcoded square brackets); and then change it manually in your text (using <color:red>), optionally adding in your own square brackets.

And if for some reason you must use skinparams, then here's a workaround - by changing the SequenceGroupHeaderFontStyle skinparam to normal you get the normal text you want, but lose the bold 'alt'.  But you can define a custom group header of <B>alt</B> and it looks almost identical:

commented Dec 15, 2021 by jalbers (140 points)


thank you very much for the hints. I'm using <STYLE> now, but the separator Shadowing has no effect in version 1.2021.16.


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