Add attribute that enables cross reference to other systems

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asked Dec 13, 2021 in Wanted features by anonymous

As architect it will be grate to add on the nodes some refference point to external systems for example: Knowladge Managmant systems [wiki, confulnce, etc]

I suggest to add features:
1. `id` attribute that will containes string and enforce each diagram that this item on diagram will be with unique id.
2. `refer` attribute that will containes string that not have to be unique 

both of the attributes
* are not mandatory
* are metadata and dont have visual preresnentation

In this way we will have context around attributes in low effort

nwdiag {
  network dmz {
      address = "210.x.x.x/24"
      web01 [id="srvA", address = "210.x.x.1", description = "web"];
      web02 [id="srvB", address = "210.x.x.2", description = "web"];

take a look where that attribute "id"
on in this sample:

Participant "Alice" (id="a1") as Alice1
Participant "Alice" (id="a2") as Alice2
Alice1 -> Alice2: hello

another example:

Participant "Frontend" (id="fesrv.some.ip") as fe
Participant "Backend"  (id="besrv.diff.ip", refer="http://crm/asd-we2-dsa-c" ) as be
Participant "Database" (id="dbsrv.other.ip", refer="http://wiki/srvs/dbsrv") as db

fe-> be: request helo
be-> db: request helo query

in this way:

- i able to present the sequnce with names "Frontend, Backend, Database"
- i able to pland the sequnce with short names "fe,be,db"
- i able to have point of reference to real machine or reference / or knowladge base
- it enable to have cross reference

so it;s might be a grate feature request for reusability and creation context :-)

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answered Dec 14, 2021 by kirchsth (4,600 points)