Differences between Smetana and Graphviz

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asked Dec 20, 2021 in Question / help by Martin (6,780 points)

While answering this question, I noticed that the following simple diagram renders differently in Smetana compared to Graphviz:


There are two obvious differences:

1) The two child boxes are the opposite ways around.  I'm wondering if this is down to random number generation, and if Smetana can hope to replicate that.  Or perhaps the Graphviz algorithm has been deliberately tweaked for Smetana.  Or is this considered a fixable bug?
2) The notes in Smetana don't have the same joining mechanism.  Given that I thought Smetana was just generating coordinates and that the actual shapes were drawn by Plantuml, this surprises me.  Is it a deliberate change, or a bug?

Also, what is the state of Smetana - is it finished/feature-complete?

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