Can I clone the website?

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asked Jan 7 in Question / help by Matt
Because reasons the domain is blocked at my company and we run an internal PUML server for rendering.

I would like to clone the site and also host it internally, but I don't see where the site content lives. I know there is a PDF guide that can be downloaded, but frankly the website is a much better experience. It looks like the PDF guide is generated from the same source as the website, so I'm assuming that the content is programmatically accessible.

How can I clone the PUML website for internal hosting (even if just static)? If the answer is "you can't" because the website is driven from data in a DB, then is there a way to export a snapshot of the site as html/css/js, similar to how the PDF is created (I assume)?


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answered Jan 7 by plantuml (278,480 points)

We know that some companies have blocked because the online server was too easy to use and that some people were sending sensitive data there. Somehow, we have been too successful! :-)

Would that help if we build our own clone at a different DNS (only the static documentation, no image generation so ne need to be blocked) ?

commented Jan 10 by Matt
Thanks "plantuml" you hit the nail on the head!

My company appears to have blocked the entire "" domain. A copy of the website on a different domain with no render server would be perfect!