Elseif arrow disappears when if does not continues

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asked Feb 1 in Bug by Platte

Hi there,

I currently have the problem, that the elseif arrow ends in the middle of nowhere, when the if section leads into a stop. You can find my example code below.

My simplified diagram looks like this:

Diagram as PNG

The code looks like this:

skinparam ConditionEndStyle hline
!pragma useVerticalIf on
    if (option1) then (yes)
    elseif (option2) then (yes)
        :do something;
repeat while

You can find it also on the online-server: https://www.plantuml.com/plantuml/uml/NSwnYiCm3CRnsNeAtPQCT-FT4ZWwT2vqDxKIYzgIiHHAthvfeHIwVlpvyKtciVjQ2zYLfSKUA_wh97PMEKWw-LO8Ss4X-6ezBZNYQdIcxdo9vJYZ2i0JWKwDeYC4dd7GzX2-H_HCWiD6Da88vjeWK35wDpyVpMzIDAtacMNvssj9FB_mM-P2CEtR_laE

If anyone knows how to avoid this, I would be very glad for a response. Thanks in advance!

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