Allow update JSON Object or array value

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asked Feb 10, 2022 in Wanted features by tom10271 (140 points)




    "partlen": "2",

    "game": "GamePlantuml",

    "participants": [


            "name": "XYZ",

            "as": "xyz",

            "team": "A"



    "color": {

        "A": "red",

        "B": "blue",

        "rst": "fuck"


    "asd": 1


!%set_json_val("$data.color.A", "black")

!$data.color.A = "black"

! %json_array_push($data.participants, {

    "name": "New"



commented Feb 1 by philCryo (140 points)

Yes please!  My use case:

I'm tracking in a sequence diagrams multiple queues which would greatly benefit from the ability to (a) start with an empty JSON array, and then (b) have the ability to add and remove entries.

My queues are:

  • MQTT topic subscribers
  • Messages in a MQTT topic

I've also commented in the above-linked discussions.

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answered Aug 4, 2023 by Potherca (430 points)
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