Request for %set_json_keys function and json data writing capabilities

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asked Nov 25, 2023 in Wanted features by kasra (960 points)


The json-preprocessor has these really useful builtin functions : 

Could you consider adding 
%set_json_key ?
As far I know we are not able to write to a json.
I guess it's a difficult feature and maybe out of the scope... I don't know
Being able of doing :





$diagram.version = %version()

$[0] = $some_variable

opens a new world lol.
commented Nov 25, 2023 by The-Lu (62,540 points)
commented Nov 25, 2023 by kasra (960 points)
It seams that its an OLD request lol.
Do you know it its faesable ? Is it considered by the dev team

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