How to pass a search path for "!include" files ?

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asked Jan 23, 2014 in Wanted features by rmric (2,800 points)

Is it possible to pass on the command line a search path list for .iuml files to be read by !include  ?

The plantuml CLI already has the -D option, one would expect the -I option like in cpp.



Rem: the search path may be used also for reference to other external files (images,..)

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answered Jan 23, 2014 by plantuml (204,600 points)

You can specify the java property "plantuml.include.path" in the command line :

java -Dplantuml.include.path="c:/mydir" -jar plantuml.jar atest1.txt

Note the this -D option has to put before the -jar option. -D options after the -jar option will be used to define constants within plantuml preprocessor.


commented Jan 24, 2014 by rmric (2,800 points)

Could you please copy/paste your answer in the page ?

BTW, can you also make available the plantumldoc LaTeX documentation source as a SVN repo? It would make contribution easier for us on such topics.