Ability to mix binary and concise in the same signal for timing diagrams

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asked Mar 29 in Wanted features by EtienneA (180 points)


I have a diagram showing SPI waveform. On the MOSI (or MISO) bus, I use concise because I want to show the higher-level view of data words being exchanged. However, between transfers, I want to show the logical state of the line (i.e. low). One solution would be to allow a signal nature to be changed dynamically between concise and binary. Another solution would be to make binary values always available to concise as special values by using {low} or {high}:

concise "Web User" as WU

WU is {low}

WU is A1

WU is {-}

WU is {hidden}

WU is A3

WU is {high}

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