Placing of Transaction duration in Sequence Diagram

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asked Mar 31, 2022 in Question / help by sebastian
I'm trying to layout a sequence of messages. I found out I can plot a nice vertical arrow that would show the duration of a specific process

Is there any way to influence the position of this line?

I would love to have it right of the participants.

commented Apr 4, 2022 by The-Lu (60,200 points)

Hello S.,

See similar request here:

See possible workaround here:

With (not perfect... alignment...):

!pragma teoz true
Alice -> Bob : start doing things during duration

{start} Max -[hidden]> Max

Bob -> Max : something
Max -> Bob : something else
Bob -> Alice : finish

{end} Max -[hidden]> Max : dummy
{start} <-> {end} : some time\n(Transaction duration),\n<color:green>on right of participants

If that can help,

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