Cross goto in activity diagram beta

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asked Apr 20, 2022 in Bug by Antoine

I want to do an activity diagram with cross conditions.

In order to realise that, I am trying to use goto. I can link condition 2 to C but as soon as I try to link condition 1 to T, an error appears. Here is the text of the diagram:

skinparam ConditionEndStyle hline
if () then
 if () then (condition1)
  goto lab2
 else ()
  label lab
else ()
 if () then (condition2)
  label b
  goto lab
 else ()
  label lab2

The error appears as soon as I add a label after "if () then (condition1)". You add this to see the error.

Could you tell me if I am doing something wrong? Or if it's just not possible.

Thank you in advance,


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