[MindMap] Lines over the hierarchy

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asked May 28 in Wanted features by lamusique (120 points)

Apparently the current MindMap has got basic features (useful and thanks), however it lacks a feature to write a line, a sort of link, over the hierarchy although of course we can write lines down the hierarchy as stems.


from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MindMapGuidlines.svg

On the top left of an example above, two lines from Links are outside the hierarchy and work as links.

Is it possible to implement it on the PlantUML's MindMap?

commented May 29 by The-Lu (45,860 points)

[Just for traceability], see similar request here:


commented May 29 by lamusique (120 points)

@The-Lu The-Lu

Sorry indeed this duplicates that request although I quickly skimmed through the existing tickets. How shall I close this?

commented May 29 by The-Lu (45,860 points)

No problem, we can keep this wanted feature as it [just for traceability].


  • Have you a preferred (or proposal) syntax, to achieve this new functionality? 


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