Can I have multiple columns of methods/properties on one class ?

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asked Jun 7 in Question / help by Trobador
I have a class diagram with only one class that contains many methods and I would like to display it in a slideshow, but I'm worried that it might be difficult to read the long list of methods laid out vertically.

I was wondering if there was a built-in way to split them into columns ? Like the advanced class body separators described here ( but instead of adding a line, it continues the text in another column.

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answered Jun 13 by Martin (8,320 points)

I'm not aware of any syntax to make class field and method lists multi-column; it is not a bad suggestion.

The best I can suggest is to embed two classes inside your actual class, and blank out the names (I don't think you can omit the name field completely), and manually split the fields/methods across them:

(click diagram for online server source)

However, annoyingly, there seems to be a bug where the methods in the inner classes get moved to the outer class!....You could label the methods as {field} as a workaround.