Bug in class diagram member to member connection if naming is similar and contains underscores (since version 1.2022.0)

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asked Jun 28, 2022 in Bug by Florian


I encountered a bug in class member to member connection functionallity when updating from version 1.2021.16 to 1.2022.6. A few diagram lines from member to member had lost their connections. They don't attach properly anymore. I reverted the version back to 1.2021.16 where everything works fine. A test with all newer versions 1.2022.x showed that the point of failure is from 1.2021.16 to 1.2022.0.

To give an example of the broken diagram:


left to right direction
skinparam nodesep 80
skinparam ranksep 200
skinparam ClassAttributeFontSize 16
skinparam arrowThickness 3
hide empty member

!define my_red FF0000A0
!define my_blue 0000FFA0
!define my_green 00AA00A0

package "SAMPLE_1" as pkgsmp1 {
    package "SAMPLE_2" as pkgsmp2 {
        class "BigLibrary" as lib {
            + function_a()
            + function_b()
            + long_named_function()
            + long_named_function_but_different()
            + long_named_function_also_different()
            + more_functions()

    package "DIFFERENT_SAMPLE" {
        class "SomeHandler" as handler
        class "SomeHelper" as helper
        class "SomeParser" as parser

handler -[#my_red]- lib::function_a
handler -[#my_red]- lib::long_named_function
handler -[#my_red]- lib::long_named_function_also_different

helper -[#my_blue]- lib::long_named_function_also_different
helper -[#my_blue]- lib::long_named_function_but_different

parser -[#my_green]- lib::function_b
parser -[#my_green]- lib::more_functions
parser -[#my_green]- lib::long_named_function_also_different
parser -[#my_green]- lib::long_named_function


On 1.2021.16 all lines are connected properly. On 1.2022.0 lines connected to "long_named_function_xxx()" break.

Any chance to get this fixed or working again?

Thank you in advance!

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answered Jun 29, 2022 by plantuml (292,220 points)
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Thanks for the report!

This is fixed on the online server and with last snapshot.

Tell us if you find other issues.

commented Jun 30, 2022 by Florian
Thank you very much! Also for the quick response!