Is it possible to define a min hight/width of a person?

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asked Jun 28 in Question / help by kirchsth (2,900 points)

I want to use different persons with different descriptions, and all should have a similar width and minimal height that they look more aligned in my C4-PlantUML diagrams.

How can I define it?

Atm all have very different sizes

skinparam wrapWidth 200
skinparam maxMessageSize 150

hide stereotype
skinparam defaultTextAlignment center

skinparam person<<person>> {
    StereotypeFontColor #FFFFFF
    FontColor #FFFFFF
    BackgroundColor #2222CC

person "==P0\n\n LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG Description" <<person>> as P0
person "==P1\n\n Description" <<person>> as P1
person "==P2" <<person>> as P2

Thank you and best regards

PS.: I know I can add line breaks and spaces, but this I want to avoid

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